The Association L.I.R.E. was created in December 2008 by a group of Togolese teachers and volunteers in the education sector. Since February 2009, it has been officially recognized by the ministry of territorial administration, decentralisation and local acitivities. The receipt received following this step has the number 874/MATDCL (25/08/2011).

Our objectives and principles

“Nowadays, school is the primary place of education for the actors of development of every society. The main key for success in that education is and remains reading.

However, this intellectual activity of instruction, information, success and emancipation suffers from a notorious insufficiency in many African, and more specifically Togolese, schools.

This deficit in reading is essentially rooted in the predominance in the oral mode of expression in our society. Starting from this point, what has to be done in order to create a culture of reading in schools, in the sense of a genuine fertile ground for future development actors of a society that we wish to be emancipated and prosperous? That is the challenge we commit to by creating the Association L.I.R.E.”
(extract from the preamble, the association’s statutes)

“The association aims at:

– reinforcing students’ capacities of appreciating reading to a greater extent.
– giving learners the opportunity of having access to books suitable for their age, culture, and preoccupations.
– encouraging students and children to read.
– making reading a veritable tool for instruction, information, education, research, success, emancipation and development.
– promoting books and libraries among the whole society.”
(extract from the association’s statutes, heading II)

Who are we?

President: Mr. Koffi Degboevi, teacher of French and history/geography at C.E.G. Kpodzi (Kpalimé)
Vice president: Mrs. Fortunée Koevi, teacher of French at C.E.G. Kpodzi
Secretary: Mr. Christophe Guidi, teacher of French and history/geography at C.E.G. Kpodzi
Treasurer: Mr. Koffi Hedjakpo, teacher of French at C.E.G. Zomayi
Accountant: Mr. Justin Folly, teacher of (…) at C.E.G. Zomayi
Consultant: Mrs. Élise Haddad, French volunteer and teacher of French at C.E.G Kpodzi during her stay in Kpalimé
Other founder members: Mr. Kloutsevi, teacher of French and English at C.E.G. Kpodzi; Mr. Pierre de La Morinerie, French volunteer and teacher of mathematics at C.E.G. Zomayi during his stay in Kpalimé

Further official documents for information purposes

Association L.I.R.E. complete statuses (PDF, French)